Laarit services - English summary

IT & internet services, support, consultation and training with emphasis on linux desktops and server systems and FOSS solutions.

Hard- and software - installation, maintenance, troubleshooting

  • linux workstations and servers (LAMP solutions, Ubuntu )
  • Mac/OS X workstations
  • network solutions
  • security related issues
  • misc. devices
Internet services
  • WWW pages, create, maintenance and hosting
  • domains (Finnish .fi, .ax and generic com/net/org; registeration, configuration, hosting, maintenance)
  • name services (DNS)
  • email services, lists
  • eCommerce, webshops (installation, configuration, maintenance, hosting)
  • CMSs, blogs etc
Contact us
Rouhun laarit - Risto Virtanen | Rouhuntie 144, 23310 Taivassalo, Finland | tel: +358404193428 | email: info AT | F/VAT-Id: FI13008917 | No cookies. May contain traces of nuts;-)